Ghanaian jollof

by Shellby Amanda
Ghanaian jollof


  1. 2 cups Rice
  2. ginger
  3. garlic
  4. pepper
  5. natural spices
  6. 3 onions
  7. Salt
  8. tomato paste
  9. 1 lb goat meat
  10. oil
  11. 1 remie goat spice
  12. 100 ml water
  13. carrots
  14. bell pepper
  15. onions
  16. spring onions
  17. cabbage


  1. Cut and blend the onions, ginger, garlic,and pepper together

  2. Cut and wash the goat meat, steam the meat with your blended ingredient,the remie goat spice and 1 and half table spoon of salt

  3. When done steaming don’t throw away the stock.Now take a new cooking untensil and pour in 50ml add some chopped onions and fry the meat

  4. After frying the meat take them out and put in the tomato paste let it dry for a while then you can add the stock of the meat

  5. Add 2 and half table spoon of salt,1 and half table spoon of natural spices and let it cool for 4minutes

  6. Wash your rice and add it,add your water and stir and cover to let it cook on low heat

  7. Mean while chop carrots, bell pepper, onions, cabbage, and spring onions to make a salad for your jollof. This is optional. You can also add some mayonis

  8. Check the rice if it soft and cooked.If done dish some of the rice,a little of salad add 2 or 3 pieces of the goat meat and you are ready to eat

Ghanaian jollof

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